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The Aeonic Order of Vacuity (A.O.V.)

Doom and Black Architecture based in the USA.
The definition of A.O.V. is not externalized through a group of people around a round table, but as a group of dark energies - spirits - using human minds as their host and lodge.

One of the main ideas that A.O.V. is centered around is
the black hole architecture that forms in the middle of all living matter
(on a physical realm and on a human spiritual realm that mirrors
our universal origins).
This shadow chakra's darkness feels like a gnawing pit that is constantly
eating away at light that can freely ascend anyone in it's path to more positive and
healing thoughts. This being said, I must also say that this is not another project/band obsessed with darkness,
obsessed with being dark, or obsessed with the idea of being consumed by it.
This is more of a way to understand it through storytelling (the imagination
and art are mirrors of nature, so why not?) and maybe finding a way to live
easier with this realization(s). The center process is more of a balance if anything;
trying to create a negative for a positive while still being reflective and personal,
even if it is very easy for the "darkness"
to take over during the song-building process.


NETHER (demo) (Free digital release/CD-r release)
Future CD-r release by FunerART rec.
4 tracks / Full time: 38:08 / Demo information & download link

THE AETHERAEL EP (Free digital release)
6 tracks / Full time: 38:18 / EP information & download link

J. (Elemiah)